Dr Nick Lowe Oil Control Day Cream


The lovely people at Dr Nick Lowe Skincare saw my Skincare Wishlist and asked if I’d like to try the Oil Control Day Cream! Literally jumped at the chance and it arrived the very next day. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I’m really liking it.

It says; “A light and easily absorbed daily moisturiser to help regulate surface oils and deliver ultimate hydration. The powerful formulation helps reduce the surface skin oils, pores and refine the skin’s texture, all of which help reduce breakouts and spots. May be used day and night.”


First things first, the appearance, I like the packaging that it comes in, their branding is really nice. The bright colours make me think of clean and freshness. I also love the fact that the moisturiser comes in a glass jar, so much nicer that the typical tube. It also means that you can get everything out of the moisturiser but on the down side pots aren’t the most hygenic are they? BUT I do make sure I wash my hands before I cleanse my face etc so it shouldn’t be too bad!


Next, I like the formula, I don’t really get on with gel moisturisers and that’s how moisturisers for oily skin come normally… it’s nice and creamy and thicker than I would have thought but it sinks in really nicely.

I think my skin’s just getting into this and it’s really nice, it’s anti-blemish which is what I need, I’ve noticed that my skin has got slightly better after a huge breakout that I had. I haven’t noticed a lot of pore reduction but I’m still holding out hope. I definitely like this moisturiser and the pot will last me such a long time! It doesn’t feel mattifying which I like because that normally feels drying to me, it does feel like it controls oil though and I’m slightly less shiny.

I think it’s just starting to work so I’m really looking forward to how it develops. Thank you Dr Nick Lowe! 


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