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I’m a giant gym junkie, and also an image-conscious girl, mixed with being a beauty blogger, this makes these products extremely exciting to me! I subscribed to Women’s Health and I got these babies from Nip + Fab, a brand I already like. I’ve used a few of their skincare products like a face wash and their Shine Fix which I love as a primer. On a side note, I love the packaging of Nip + Fab, it always looks great!

Post Workout Fix – a cooling gel for sore muscles
This is so cooling it’s unbelievable! It feels amazing on sore muscles so if I’ve had a hard session in the gym I’d put this onto areas I know will hurt in the morning. If not, I put it on the morning after, after a shower.

Circulation Fix – a body scrub with energizing Eucalyptus
I love a good body scrub so this is nice, it smells quite fresh but I haven’t actually felt it tingle a lot, like it says it will. I expected it to be as powerful as the gel to be honest but I’m not really complaining, I love a scrub and I do actually have pretty shocking circulation so hopefully this helps! I’m using it mainly on my thighs to try and ward off cellulite with exfoliating gloves.

Slim Fix – 2 in 1 Body Toning Gel & Moisturiser with Green Coffee
I’ve been only using this on my tummy as that’s an area that I would like to be a bit more toned and I actually think it’s done something! I’ve had about a week off the gym due to having no time, working and moving house and I don’t look as bad as I expected to after no exercise for a week! I’m only going to continue using this on my stomach though as it’s not one of those a little goes a long way products, it doesn’t spread massively so I don’t want to waste it.

Overall I quite like these products, but the only one I”d definitely repurchase out of this range is the Post Workout Fix Cooling Gel, that really is amazing. The rest, I’m waiting for them to wow me, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like the products! I do, but wouldn’t necessarily repurchase if they weren’t on offer? But, I do love the way they look on my bathroom shelf!

Has anyone tried these or any other Nip + Fab products that they like?


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