Lifestyle: 7 Apps That Make Your Life More Effiecient

Productivity, and getting shit done, is usually my aim for the day.
So I thought I’d share a few lil apps, that I like, that help, basically, get shit done.

Personally, to get shit done, I find that I need to take baby steps, make lists and tick things off!



This is a goal reaching app, whether it be losing weight, completing a big task or creating your dream event, Everest is a great little app that can help you along the way. “Everest exists to unlock human potential.”
I love this little tag line, so inspiring don’t you think? For my Everest, I’ve put getting my degree for my major goal, with presentations and hand in dates along the way along with little goals and achievements to get on the way.



I love Wunderlist! It’s great for work because you can also have it open on your computer and they sync together! I used this loads when I was on my placement, it is just like a glorified iPhone Reminders I suppose, but I like that you can do it on your PC too.


Listastic is very like Wunderlist, but it’s a bit prettier! I prefer the colours so I ¬†might start using this some more.



Basically, for people with no time to meet anyone, this is a time-saving app! Also creates mild entertainment.



This is a great little news app, you can save articles that you think look interesting and read them at a later date, I think this is so useful because I can be having a browse for research, just click starred and check them out on the computer and take some notes! AND It’s personalised so you can choose what topics you want to get articles from.


IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It makes the internet work a hell of lot harder. It’s quite complicated and works with Channels such as Facebook, Evernote, Email and LinkedIn.. and then you can do things like automatically save all Instagram photos to Dropbox etc.. but you can work it out here. I don’t actually use this, I think I need about a week to work it out! But I think it could be really useful.


Tea Round


This is obviously an unnecessary app but it’s brilliant, and saves arguments, which can be time-consuming, over tea making. You put in all the names, name your round and then shake it! It then lands on whoever’s turn it is to make the damn tea.

You’re Welcome.

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