Blogging Essentials!

We all know that blogging requires you to spend quite a lot of time in front of your laptop and doing various tasks such as answering emails, writing posts, editing photos and never ending tweeting! Blogging requires some essential pieces of kit, laptop, obviously, camera, obviously and I like to have countless notepads, coloured pens and organisers dotting about. I also can’t sit down without a cup of tea perched next to me on the desk in my favourite mug.

Here are a few things I now can’t blog without!

 photo IMG_6674_zps551177c2.jpg
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I’ve got a horrible habit of making a cup of tea, drinking two sips and then forgetting about it because I’m too busy doing something on my laptop. Then, when I remember it’s there, it’s cold and I have to make a new one! Nightmare. This is all solved with this little heated coaster to hold my tea! It just plugs into your laptop and heats up to 60 degrees and keeps your tea at a nice temperature.

 photo IMG_6673_zps18d07b4e.jpg

Next up is this cute little Microtape. It’s essentially like bullet point stickers in a pen. Genius, I know. I love making lists and I probably make at least 3 a day about various bits and bobs. This little micro tape pen is definitely the way to make ideas and tasks more fun!

 photo IMG_6666_zps6637c61e.jpg

 photo IMG_6660_zpsf1fcd616.jpg

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  1. Aww these are both so cute but seriously, where has the bullet point pen been all my life!? I have a planner I use to keep track of everything for blogging and this would make it so much prettier 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for liking our Hot Cookie drink warmer, and the Point Out Microtape 🙂 Aren’t they amazingly useful?
    You can find them here

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