Wired Cafe Nottingham Review

Today I’m reviewing a little place that I’ve wanted to go for a while now as I’ve always loved the way that it looked and the branding and the general feel of the place looked great so at the weekend I ventured along with the intention of doing a little review to see if it was up to scratch to recommend on next week’s Grazia regional blogger feature – #WhatToDoThisWeek, where I give people the heads up about somewhere fab to go in Nottingham for the coming week.


Luke and I popped along for a cheeky sandwich and a coffee on Saturday to scout the place out. The atmosphere was really nice, the decor is really cool as it’s not too overly hipster and intimidating but it’s definitely different to the usual coffee shop. ¬†Everyone was welcoming and lovely. The owner, Tres, was really helpful and friendly, giving us all the low down on the menu etc and we got straight down to ordering our food. All their sandwiches are made with focaccia, which I thought was a really cool touch and I chose the chunky ham, applewood smoked cheese and mustard mayo number which was served with an awesome fresh salad of roasted peppers, beetroot and sundried tomatoes. It was really lovely, a proper indulgent Saturday afternoon sandwich. The ham was amazing quality and super thick and it was perfectly accompanied by the delicious cheese and the tangy mayo. I also normally hate tomatoes in my sandwiches and burgers etc but it was a welcome addition to this one as it cut through the strong flavours and freshened everything up, which was great.


To drink, I indulged in an awesome Caramel Frappe which even had chewy and crunchy bits of caramel on top of the cream which looks amazing and it tasted awesome. I love a frappe, but sometimes from chain coffee shops they can be overly sweet but this one was just right for me. Thank you so much for having me, Wired, I’ll definitely be back! You guys can check them out on Facebook here¬†and if you’re from Nottingham, definitely go and check them out in the Creative Quarter of Notts for one of the best sandwiches ever!

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