Annie's Burger Shack Nottingham Review

Annie’s Burger Shack is one of those mysterious places that you hear about along the grapevine, the town is always full of rumours about how incredible the food is and how much you need to go there to experience the cool atmosphere. Annie’s has recently moved to bigger premises (they’ve been open since 2009!) and is now in the heart of the Lace Market in Nottingham, a short walk from the town centre. Luke and I ventured there the other night on an impromptu whim after a cheeky pint because our tummies were talking and we needed a proper burger! Because we didn’t book we had to sit outside and were not given table service, we just had to order at the bar. This was absolutely zero problem because the weather was really warm and we’ve got no problems going up to order our food!

This is the Reggie Burger. ‘A burger double topped with American style bacon, Velveeta style cheese with an extra crispy homemade hash brown in the middle’. Anything with a hash brown in has me at hello and cheese means I’ll definitely eat it! We also both opted for curly fries and they were beautiful! The burger really was awesome and I was so full that it kinda hurt. I can’t wait to go back to Annie’s again and order something new! There’s no way you could ever go there without trying something new as there’s 30 different variations to get through. The staff were also lovely and really, really helpful.


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  1. This is one of my favourite places in Nottingham, both now its in the Lace Market and when it was over at the Navigation; slightly pains me that its now crazy busy since the move as I was there before it went uber trendy!!

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