Why I'll Never Buy from Superdrug Online Again

Online shopping is something that we all enjoy and I’ll hold my hands up to maybe being a little bit addicted! But, when you have a bad experience with a brand online, you don’t ever want to shop there again.

This is what happened with Superdrug. I’m going to name names because I don’t want anyone else to have a bad experience with them either, you might as well just shop online at another high street chemist like Boots or Lookfantastic and have a good, reliable experience.

I ordered my best friend’s birthday present consisting of some Real Techniques make-up brushes from Superdrug online. My parcel arrived and I was missing one of the brushes. The parcel note said everything that was in the box but my online order had the missing brush on it and the total money had been taken. I used Superdrug’s contact form online three times and didn’t receive a reply, I also tweeted them 7 (yes, 7 times) and did not receive a single reply. I was asking for a contact email as I wasn’t getting a reply through their contact form. I could see that they were replying to other people and I spotted a help@ email so I emailed that. I still had zero replies from them.


I then finally found a customer service email for them and sent them an email. I got a reply from that one a week later and they were still slow on the uptake, taking 3 further days and only 3 emails from them to sort it out. I asked for a refund in my emails and they then emailed me and said that they had sent me the item that I was missing, which obviously I no longer wanted!

I then had to send the item back and I’m currently waiting for my refund. It’s been 3 weeks since I placed my original order and it’s been a nightmare! I will definitely never buy from Superdrug online again for fear of a similar incident!

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  1. I’m so sorry for you and for what happened. Had a similar trouble with an other online retailer, but luckily they refunded me the whole shipping, which I never received. Don’t know what went wrong, but it came back to them, without being delivered. I agree on your reaction, though the customer service was efficient, I didn’t buy again from them because I feared a similar trouble. I send you a big hug and I’m pretty sure it will be delivered. 😉

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