Cosy-ing up with JUST EAT!

There’s nothing better than eating absolute rubbish in front of the telly when it’s chilly outside and I’m A Celebrity and X Factor are gracing our screens! I know, I know, I’m probably poisoning my brain as well as my body but every once in a while, who cares? Especially when it’s super easy with the JUST EAT¬†app, you don’t even need to ring up the takeaway anymore, you can browse all the ones in your local area on your iPad and just clickety click which one you like. Luke and I had this cheeky Chinese takeaway the other night courtesy of JUST EAT and it was very, very welcome. And not just because we were running out of Tupperware and now we’ve got 4 more boxes! Also, check out our super cute Christmas tree in the background!

 photo IMG_7708_zps810d4197.jpg

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