Shut Off, Shut Down after 9pm with Endsleigh

I’m the first to admit that I’m probably a little addicted to my phone, Instagram, my blog, online shopping, etc! To be fair, I’m online for the majority of my day working in social media and as a blogger too, this normally works it’s way into my evenings so it’s just a part of my every day existence.

Recently, Endsleigh got in touch about their current campaign which is all about shutting down from our technology addictions for at least a week after 9pm. To be honest, I try to do this anyway and love it if I don’t open my laptop when I get home from work. I’ll always have a little look on Instagram though! Who can resist that? It seems that ad breaks on the telly is now just an Instagram break for most of us! Studies have show than the average smart phone user checks their phone over 200 times a day which is definitely believable! This obviously isn’t good for us and as much as I love technology, it was time to switch off!

The idea of Endsleigh’s campaign is to shut off all techy devices and spend that time doing something else of interest, for example reading, going to the gym or yoga or something like a date night. Of course, I spoke to Luke and we decided on a date night! So, this week we’ve been really good and shut off from at least 8pm every night and watched Christmas films or been to the gym and on Saturday we had a little date night to Bill’s in Nottingham. It was really nice not to be stuck to Twitter notifications and email alerts so we’ve decided to carry on with our techy ban in the evenings as it’s just so much nicer to spend the time together. We’d definitely recommend the Crispy Crumbed Halloumi!

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