#BreakfastWeek with Cuckoo Bircher Muesli #CuckooBicherBrekkie

This week is Farmhouse Breakfast Week as being run by Cuckoo Foods, this week is all about being creative with your breakfasts! Cuckoo are running a really cool Bircher Muesli competition where they’re challenging bloggers to create their own but sadly my muesli bits went AWOL in the post so I’m going to share their amazing-tasting little yoghurt and muesli pots with you guys instead! First up, I absolutely love the branding of these products – the Modern Muesli is a really cool tagline and I really like the packaging, their website is really cool too!

 photo IMG_7843_zps6lsd9dv3.jpg

The range of flavours that they come in is awesome, I’ve also tried the Apple & Cinnamon Spice with raisins (giant raisins by the way, like seriously mutant) but I dropped the pot so it wasn’t in the photos! Blogger probs, hey? These taste so good and they are on average around 280 calories a pot, which is pretty good calorie wise but they’re also quite high in carbs obviously being oats/seeds/fruit. With around 45g of carbs their around a third of the carbs I eat for the day, where as a piece of Burgen ┬álinseed bread is 12g of carbs – this is the best way to put it into perspective. For me, they’re the perfect snack or macro-buffer at the end of the day when I need to up my carb in-take. The flavours are really, really good and they’d be a great on-the-go breakfast for super busy people (the kinds that eat at their desks!). I really like them but, for me they’re more of a snack or a treat at the end of the day than a breakfast. Each to their own though, carb loaders would love ’em for kick starting their day!

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