The Sunday Edit feat Ugly Bread Bakery

It’s easy for Sundays to become just a day of errands, sorting boring jobs out and prepping for the week but this week we decided to actually do something with our day! We headed off to The Depot Climbing Centre and had a little rock climbing sesh then onto the Ugly Bread Bakery in Hockley for some lunch. We hadn’t been there before but their Instagram snaps always look so tasty we headed down to check it out today.

I had this awesome goats cheese, spinach and tomato Mezzaluna and Luke had a giant parma ham foccacia. They were really tasty. I’d definitely recommend the food from Ugly Bread, I’d devour another one of these in a heartbeat. The only things we’d say that was a bit annoying was the fact that the mark up on eating in as opposed to out was insane for drinks. They literally doubled the price of a can of Diet Coke if you were going to eat in. Even though we said we were going to just have cans and no glasses they still tried to charge us double just for having it in. Pretty cheeky I thought. Food’s awesome though!

Screenshot 2015-03-08 17.29.25

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  1. Thanks for a great write up and glad you enjoyed your food! With our coffee menu and drinks we did market research before to get the right price. Cokes averaged at £2.30 in town to drink in for same amount so we marked ours at £1.39 to be as competitive as possible for an indepent store. We also have great prices on our coffees and hope all of our prices with the quality we serve reflect well 🙂

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