The Copthorne Meatball

I admit it, I’m not the best cook. But, when Copthorne Hotels asked me to recreate their chef Mark’s recent recipe it sounded to nice to turn down. Check out the recipe and what it’s supposed to look like (!) here. The Copthorne Meatball is a seriously meaty and homely dish. There’s nothing better than mashed potato and gravy in my opinion, so let’s get to it!

Recipe makes 8 good sized portions.
For the meatball
225 grams minced beef
225 grams minced pork
1 small onion diced
1sp garlic powder
½ tsp chilli flakes
½ tsp mustard powder
2 tbsp hp sauce
2 tbsp Henderson’s Relish or Worcester Sauce
Good pinch of salt and pepper
200 grams pig’s caul (cling film is fine too apparently!)
300 grams strong cheddar cheese

For the mash:
400 grams of red potatoes,
double cream and butter
20 grams English mustard
200 grams of kale
½ pint of red wine sauce or gravy

1. Pan fry onion in oil until soft with no colour, then cool
2. Combine all of the meatball ingredients excluding the
onions and season well, then add the cooled onion
3. Leave meatball mixture to rest for 2-3 hours
4. Divide mixture into 8 balls, placing a 1cm cube of cheese inside of each
5. Wrap each ball in pigs caul, (which you can get from a local butcher) or
wrap in cling film if cannot get pigs caul
6. Place on oiled tray and chill in fridge
7. Peel potatoes and cut into small chunks and boil till soft,
pass through sieve and then beat in butter, cream and mustard to your liking
8. Preheat oven 180 degrees and place in meatballs for 20-25 minutes
9. Boil kale in salted boiling water for 2 mins and toss with butter, salt and pepper
10. Simmer gravy and place mash and kale on a warm plate
or serving dish, put meatball on top and pour over gravy before serving

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