Top Tips For Protecting What You Love

Let’s face it, accidents happen. But when something bad happens to something you love, you can find yourself ranting about it for days. Like the mascara you know you put in your handbag, but it’s just not there now. How about your iPhone that you dropped and cracked the screen?

I hate it when my stuff goes missing or gets damaged, and right now I’m watching the pennies so I don’t want to have to replace anything. I’ve come up with some tips and ideas to protect what you love, so you don’t have to face the heartache of damage or loss.

If I had my phone in a case, chances are it wouldn’t have got damaged. Getting it repaired can be quite expensive, so the best thing to do is protect it from damage in the first place. You can buy cases for every phone going, but don’t forget for your other tech, you can get things like a kindle touch case, or iPad case. Get a good screen protector for just a few pounds to avoid scratches as well. I’m really loving my watermelon case I picked up in the Topshop sale!

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For me, I want to know my jewellery is all in one place and safe, especially if it’s vintage and irreplaceable. You can buy small, lockable jewellery cases that will fit in a good-sized handbag. There are also secure earring backs that are less likely to fall off, causing you to lose your earring. I don’t really wear earrings so rings are the thing for me! I like to store mine in the boxes they come in or in my cute lemon shaped jewellery box.

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My handbag is kind of a haven for lots of things these days. I love those bags that have all the different zippable compartments. Not only does everything in there now have its own little place, but it’s all so much more secure. If you’re travelling on the Underground, you can’t be too careful when it’s crowded. Extra zips make it tougher for anyone to get anything out without me noticing. Things will go missing, and things do break, but you can do quite a lot to prevent that from happening to your favourite things. See how you can organise your handbag and storage solutions at home. Use protective containers and cases when you can. Take care!

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