3 Amazing Prosecco Cocktail Recipes

Prosecco shortage or not (is that still a thing?), me and my girls love a glass or two. Between you and me, Champagne can do one! In my opinion prosecco tastes much nicer and I also think it’s super versatile. You can’t put a lot with Champagne which doesn’t get overpowered by it’s bitterness, I think, ick. But, prosecco, on the other hand is the perfect base for some party-worthy cocktails.

Plum & Thyme Prosecco Smash
Just mush up, or muddle, if you want to use the cocktail term, some plums, lemon juice, sugar and thyme syrup (you have to make this beforehand though FYI) in a shaker with some ice, shake it up and pour over crushed ice. Top with prosecco and this is a party-worthy cocktail if ever I saw one.

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Unicorn Tears
I’m actually obsessed with the name of this one as much as I am the cocktail. So cute. Plus this mixes a whole load of amazing ingredients and then tops off with prosecco, naturally. It’s pretty much the perfect cocktail. Gin, Chombard, St. Germaine and peach Schnapps. Yes please.


Elderflower, Gin & Prosecco
Another one with gin, sorry. What can I say, maybe I like gin just as much as I like prosecco? But another flavour I really like is elderflower, it’s just so delicate and pretty all year round. This is simply two parts gin, one part elderflower liqueur and topped off with our favourite bubbles.


Prosecco is our go-to pressie in my group of friends and you can get super cute mini bottles from Just Miniatures for really great prices. They can be amazing stocking fillers (sorry, Christmas is coming you know!) or just little birthday additions. They’re also great to take to parties or pre-night out drinks with you when you’re not sure if you’ll finish a whole bottle. Just Miniatures stock all your favourite spirits, mixers and even Champagne, if you like that kinda thing! Just Miniatures sent me some super cute mini prosecco and mini Bombay Sapphire gins in exchange for this post, because they’re nice like that.

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