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OAKS in Nottingham, is an amazing new 90-seater restaurant and bar on Bromley Place serving locally-sourced produce, cocktails and craft ales. They specialise in home-made sausages and burgers with all logs being the natural by-product of sustainable coppicing by the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.

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We popped along for a review on Saturday and we were really excited to see what they had to offer after spying them on Instagram via a few local bloggers. First off I just want to say that when you read an absolutely glowing review, you’ll wonder how much I’ve been paid for it, right? Well I’ll tell you. Nothing. We were gifted a fabulous meal by OAKS for this opportunity of a review and that’s it. From the warmest welcome to the most attentive service to the wonderful food, it was a great experience from beginning to end.


When we walked into OAKS to begin with, we absolutely loved the setting, the fit-out was absolutely wicked. It’s all wood, industrial feel metal and some really cool mid-century furniture. Added on top a playlist of indie rock and we were really happy from the get go.


First up, drinks and nibbles. Luke opted for the Cuban Affair, an OAKS invented cocktail based on rum and grilled pineapple – sweet and dangerously yummy. You could sink a few of these before you’d know about it! I went for a Camden Pils lager. We were given lovely rosemary baked olives and the most gorgeous quails scotch eggs.


Luke and I opted for the Sharing Platter of one sausage, one burger, half a chicken and two sides because we wanted to give everything a little try. We doubled up on the carbs with chips and truffle mash. We went for the Angus Beef & Bone Marrow Burger with streaky bacon and cheddar, this was an amazing burger, definitely one to rival the likes of Annie’s Burger Shack.


We tried the lamb, tahini and aubergine sausage which was also amazing. I’m going to use the word amazing a lot in this post, I just can’t help it! To top off the meat selection the Honey Dew Beer & Black Pepper Chicken was great. This was an absolutely huge platter and for £30, I think it’s a great price. You could easily go for a meal and spend £20 each here, amazing value.

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A special mention has to go to their homemade sauces. My favourite was the smoked chilli brown sauce, this went beautifully with the lamb sausage and the burnt tomato ketchup was amazing with the twice fried chips.

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To finish, these incredible doughnuts with Marsala cream inside were the perfect end to an awesome meal. We paired this with a few scoops of the beautiful Bluebell Farm ice-cream in Bakewell Tart and Vanilla. I wish I could have fit a coffee in too!


I absolutely insist that the next time you fancy a Nando’s, a Gourmet Burger Kitchen or sausage and mash that you head here. It has something for everyone, the seafood also looked lovely, luckily the couple next to us had sea bass and king prawns and they smelled so good. Give OAKS a go for an amazing menu and beautiful food in an awesome setting for a price that won’t break the bank. I am honestly so impressed, we’ll definitely be coming back.

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