My Travel Bucket List

I’m not really your standard 20-something ‘traveller’ where I’ve either been to or want to go to the majority or Asia and Australia or spent my summers on a night-train in Europe. I’m more of a beach holiday type of girl with the occasional city-break thrown in. A see a little every so often type of traveller. Here’s a few places that are on my travel bucket list for the future.

1. Scandinavia
I’ve always wanted to head to Scandinavia, Norway just looks like the perfect autumn wonderland full of greenery and amazing views. A cruise would be an awesome way to see a whole load of the Norwegian Fjords from Stavanger, Olden and Skjolden.

Screenshot 2015-10-15 21.18.32
Image Source @visitnorway

Sweden is another area of Scandinavia I’d love to visit, it just looks super chic and pretty in the heart of Stockholm. I’m already pricing up Airbnb apartments, they’re just all so minimalist! Major interior porn on holiday, yes please.

Screenshot 2015-10-18 15.47.07
Image c/o @visitstockholm

2. Snowboarding
This year we’ve been a little bit obsessed with the idea of snowboarding so we’re definitely going to give dry-ski slope boarding a go soon! Then, obviously when we’re up to recreational standard we’d love to head abroad and hit the slopes in Italy or somewhere else pretty.

3. Vegas
Another place I’d love to visit is Vegas, my other half has already been and obviously loved it and I just want to see what all the madness is about for myself! Might just accidentally get married there like this badass couple. Insanely sparkly dress? Yes please.

Screenshot 2015-10-18 15.56.39

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