How To Light Your Home The Right Way

Lighting isn’t something many of us worry about during the summer. But, as the darker and colder nights draw in, it’s something we need to think about. There’s also something about this time of year that keeps lights firmly in your mind. Fireworks, Christmas lights, bonfires – they are everywhere. And, it’s nice to bring some of that atmosphere into your home, right? So, today I thought I would give you some tips on how to light your home – the right way. 

Bright Or Dim?

I love dim lights, especially when you are getting cozy during the winter. But, not everywhere is suitable for moody lighting. The kitchen, for example, should be as bright as possible. Whether you are reading a recipe from a cookbook or cleaning up after a meal, you have to be able to see to do a good job. 

Mix It Up

That said, if your kitchen is the centrepiece of your home, then think about adding some extra, dimmer lights in there. Especially if you have a kitchen diner or an open plan affair. Dim switches are ideal for most rooms, and having that control is a vital part of setting the lighting to suit your mood. Another thing to mix up is the height of your lights – and the direction they point. For example, a few low light lamps dotted around the living room can create a quite stunning effect. And, if you can throw in some directional LED spotlights for good measure, stunning can become superlative.

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Remember The Ambience

Every room is used for something different, so think carefully about that before you spend a fortune on lighting. Let’s say you have an entertainment room, for example. You will need easy access switches and complete darkness to get the most out of the movie you are watching. Or, you might even want to try some coloured lights if you ever throw some shapes to your favourite tunes. Also, think about what else is in the room. If you have some great artwork on the wall or a fantastic feature like a fireplace, shine a light on it!

Eye On The Pennies

With all these new lights you are installing, you might want to consider the costs of using them. I’m as keen on protecting the environment as the next person, so I always try and use eco-friendly bulbs whenever possible. I’ve already mentioned LED spotlights, and LEDs are one of the most efficient bulbs you can get. They are easy to control, too, and come in an array of styles, colours, and you can even use dim switches with them now. 

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