A Zesty OOTD With Baukjen

The Sian Roll-Neck Jumper in Lime is the most recent addition to my (capsule, we’ll get on to this later) wardrobe and it’s definitely brightened up December for me! This super-soft oversized knit has been the answer to so many days where you either don’t know what to wear or the contents of you wardrobe doesn’t inspire you. The quality is fab so it feels really well-made and high end and so makes your outfit feel way more expensive than it is, even when you’re just in your favourite jeans and trainers like I was.

I got loads of compliments whilst wearing this sweater and it’s now become a firm favourite, I can’t wait to wear it again. Although, the downside of such a statement piece is the fact that people will notice how often you wear it, well they probably won’t, but I definitely will. Stay tuned to see this in my winter capsule wardrobe update!


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