#ileftmyheartin Kassiopi – Greece

There’s always somewhere that you visit on holiday that completely steals your heart and you never want to leave. It could be because of the scenery, the location, the busy city life, the calm beaches, the food, anything can make you¬†leave your heart on holiday. Enter, GetYourGuide’s #ileftmyheartin competition where I could have the chance to win an amazing city break and you could too, check out the competition, it ends on 28th January.

The city that stole my heart wasn’t technically a city as more of a small Greek village. This tiny village in Corfu is called Kassiopi¬†(check out my previous post for 5 things to do!). I just couldn’t get enough of the food, the weather and the scenery. The beaches were all hidden away down beneath the rocks and you felt so hidden away. The food was the best ‘holiday food’ I’ve ever had, all of the seafood was so fresh and if you’ve never had a Greek Gyros pitta before I demand that you get on a plane just to go and get one, it’s the most yummy pitta wrap you’ve ever eaten with gorgeous chicken, a lush sauce and loads of salad, it’s the ultimate lunch. Not the mention the baked feta that I had to eat almost every day because I couldn’t get enough of it. The other amazing thing is the fact that you can just get away on a quad bike and explore the mountains yourself, it’s incredible. You can hop from town to town and village to village with ease and head out to find bigger, more commercial beaches if that’s what you fancy. It really has everything you could ever need and has loads of accommodation options for every price range.

I also love holiday wardrobes, they’re one of my favourite things. I hate when you have to pack all your pretty holiday clothes away and get out the jumpers again, such a sad moment. Take me back to Greek yoghurt and lace-up sandals and away from this snow, please!


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