4 Simple Tricks For A More Organised Kitchen

What makes your kitchen somewhere that you enjoy spending time in is down to how well it’s designed. I’m not just talking colours and design styles, I’m thinking more about organisation and storage. To be somewhere that you want to spend time in, your kitchen needs to be smart, stylish and well put together. No one likes spending time surrounded by clutter. To help you do that, I thought I’d share a few tips that I swear by when it comes to organisation.

Keep Countertops Neat & Tidy

Your countertops are one of the most used areas of the kitchen, so it’s crucial you take neatening them up seriously. Keeping your counters clear of junk is super easy, it’s just a case of investing in the right things. To keep jars and sauces neat and tidy, invest in a lazy susan. To keep tea bags, coffee and hot chocolate tidy, use a basket. Or, if you have a coffee machine that requires pods, buy a coffee pod holder from Home Treats UK. To prevent your cooking tools being left lying around, buy a pot to store them. For easy access while cooking, position this by the stove.

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Mount Hooks On The Wall

For keeping tea towels, aprons and oven gloves neat and tidy, mount hooks on the wall. For safety reasons, these must be as far away from the stove as possible and out of reach of little hands. Instead of leaving your tea towels and oven gloves lying around, you can easily hang them up. If you don’t want to mount hooks on the wall, you could always pop a coat rack over the back of the door.

Be Systematic With Your Cupboards

It’s all well and good stuffing things into random drawers, but in the long run, it won’t do any good. If you want to make your kitchen somewhere that’s well organised, you need to sort the cupboards in a systematic way. This means organising pots, pans, crockery and glasses into separate cupboards. The idea is that you should know where every item is so that when you need it, there’s no stress. To make it easier to keep your cupboards organised, invest in lid racks, plate racks and shelf organisers. Oh, and make sure that your cutlery drawer has a cutlery tray in it.

Put Up A Magnetic Notice Board

For all those reminders and notes that are drifting around your kitchen, put up a magnetic notice board. That way, you don’t need to leave reminders on your worktops, you can pop them neatly on your notice board.

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