4 of the Best Nights Out Up North!

The north of England is not the warmest of places, but natives of the area don’t let this dampen their spirits. The “grim north” is notorious for it’s bad weather. Don’t let this deter you. Northerners are a super friendly, welcoming bunch and they know how to have a good time.

1. Blackpool

Blackpool. Home of the famous Tower, The Pleasure Beach and a tonne of traditional seaside charm. One of the most popular destinations for hen and stag weekends, Blackpool is busy and bustling, and full of booze. Drinks are cheap, the pubs are tacky, but it still holds an unfathomable charm. The Tower’s famous ballroom is breathtaking. It’s more than worth a visit.  you can even make like Strictly and dance on the hallowed sprung dance floor! The Lancashire city is a strange mix of contradiction, faded grandeur and 70’s style seaside fun. Check out the Pleasure Beach with the vintage wooden rollercoaster.

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2. The Golden Triangle, Cheshire


The spiritual home of the WAG. From Alderley Edge to the rest of Cheshire’s so-called “Golden Triangle”, it’s home to more footballers than you can shake a stick at. The Beckhams may have moved on to LA a while back, but you can still spot plenty of celebrities. Alderley Edge still awaits the re- opening of WAGS favourite Panacea, which was destroyed by fire a couple of years back. There’s plenty of glamorous destinations and the Alderley Bar and Grill is still a firm favourite. If you want to have a night out, true Footballer’s Wives style, Limos North West will take you from bar to club just like a VIP.

3. Liverpool


Liverpool might just be the friendliest city you could ever visit. Liverpudlian women take their game faces seriously. Merseysiders take their music seriously but what else would you expect from the hometown of The Beatles? Scousers like to keep bang on trend and there some uber trendy bars and restaurants in town. From the Riverside bars to the town centre clubs, it’s  all within walking distance. That’s definitely a challenge if you’ve gone native and are wearing some killer heels. For a traditional pub experience brought up to date in true Liverpool style, try The Club House in Liverpool One.

4. Newcastle

Newcastle has always been known as a place to have a brilliant night out. The MTV reality series Geordie Shore cemented that reputation. It may have shown some of the toon’s wilder side, but the nightlife in Newcastle is legendary. From the tradition bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale to classy cocktails on the Quayside, it has it all. If you want to get around quickly, then use the Metro, which is quick and convenient.  

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