3 Edible Summer Wedding Must-Haves

I know, it’s only early March, but if you’re getting married in the summer it won’t seem too far away. Plus we all need a little sunshine in our lives right now because it might be nearly spring but it’s definitely still winter in terms of the weather! Here are three food and drink ideas for summer weddings to get us all feeling a little warmer!

1. Summer Punch

Anything fruity and fresh is a surefire winner at a summer wedding. Adding fruit puree to Champagne or prosecco is a really nice touch and they also sweeten them up nicely. Berries, mango and peach are all amazing flavours for summer cocktails so it could be worth hiring a mixologist or professional bar staff if you really want to treat your guests. Also, if you love prosecco, check out my prosecco cocktails post from a few months back!

2. Festival Themed

Why not go all out summer themed and have your own mini festival for the reception? Grab wheelbarrows and fill them full of ice and beer bottles, hire some food trucks and make sure all your plates and cups are recyclable to make clearing up easier on the environment. Plus, with things like biodegradable cutlery, there’s no mountains of washing up for anyone to do!

3. Barbecue Dreams

I don’t know about you but I absolutely loved watching BBQ Champ when it was on telly last year. A hog roast or loads of BBQs can be a great way to feed a lot of people. Also, if you go for a bring your own food style of reception and ask people to bring bread, sides, sauces and snacks you can just provide the meat and you’re saving a little bit of money too and it’s one less thing to worry about.

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