My Stripes Are Better Than Yours

I discovered Mon Breton when they followed me on Instagram a few weeks ago and then I couldn’t stop thinking about the brand. Personalisation+ stripes + optional emojis = my heaven, basically. Check their Insta out here. I knew I had to have one so I ordered one pretty pronto after about 12 hours of deliberating with myself whether I needed another striped top or not. Turns out, I convinced myself I did and I love it.

In my defence, I actually didn’t have a navy based top with white stripes, I only have white based tops so it’s obviously 100% different. Plus this one has my initials on and it’s just too cute. Mon Breton have a ton of different Breton tops in two different weights and a few different colourways and I went for the summer weight white on navy with my initials embroidered on it. You can get emojis, yes emojis (!!!) embroidered onto tops too but I just couldn’t decide on one so I went with the classic initials. What do you think?

Mon Breton 2

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