Where To Eat In Sheffield: Steam Yard Coffee Co.

Tucked away in a corner of Sheffield’s Creative Quarter is Steam Yard Coffee Co, a gem of a coffee shop that’s guaranteed to satisfy your weekend caffeine and sugar cravings. We’ve been following them on Instagram for a while and have been drooling over our iPhone screens at their incredible doughnuts and pastries. We ventured down (or, actually up!) to Sheffield last weekend to check them out and do a little shopping and we weren’t disappointed.


We went for the full two-course lunch of grilled cheese sandwich, doughnut and cappuccino because, when in Rome, you know? I went for this incredible mozzarella, tomato and pesto flatbread which was super fresh and light and delicious. Luke tackled the Cuban sandwich which was packed with ham, Swiss cheese, gherkins and mustard. The bread was literally a doorstop, it was massive.


Next up, we went straight in for the doughnuts and they had a massive selection from cookies & cream (Oreos!), to pecan pie and the Insta-famous S’mores doughnut. I went for the pecan pie because that’s one of my favourite desserts ever. It came with the classic pecan pie filling and a little pastry chunk popped into it. It was delicious, so tasty and sweet without being overly fatty and oily like some doughnuts are. Luke went in on the S’mores doughnut which was stuffed with marshmallows, chocolate spread and peanut butter. Oh yeah, we went there.┬áCheck them out on Instagram, seriously, it’s doughnut heaven.


All photography by Luke Svarc.

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