Travel: Kassiopi Photo Diary

I wanted to do a blog post on my trip to Kassiopi and I’ve already done a little review on my amazing hotel which I 100% love. You can find that here if you’re interested in taking a look! I also did a quick post last year about 5 things to do in the town so I didn’t want to do that again so I’ve settled on a photo diary because, as they say, a picture paints a thousand words!

Photo Diary 9 copy

Vidos Island

We visited the deserted island of Vidos which was really interesting. It was definitely worth a look around as an old prison which was actually part of The Durrells originally story. There was a creepy deserted house and old basketball courts which were great to take photos of. The island was described to us on the tour as tranquil with an animal sanctuary but it was the total opposite! We enjoyed it but I wouldn’t venture to Vidos Island expecting paradise!

Photo Diary 10 copy

Photo Diary 14

Photo Diary 13

Kassiopi Harbour & Beach

Packed with cute boats (and massive yachts too!), lovely sea facing bars, tasty restaurants and gorgeous pebbled beaches, Kassiopi is packed with Insta-opps for amazing photos and even more amazing memories!

Photo Diary 8 copy Photo Diary 12 copy Photo Diary 2 copy    Photo Diary 16

Photo Diary 5

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