The Perfect Summer-Ready Dungarees

If you know me, you’ll know that 90% of the time I dress like a 5-year old and, what can I say, I like it. If you’re telling me that dungarees and trainers aren’t comfortable and therefore an amazing daily outfit choice then quite frankly, you’re silly.

New Look 4 copy

These Blue Patchwork Denim Dungarees are my new favourites, they’re perfect for travelling or flying in, heading to a festival or trekking around a new city on a weekend break. The fit on these dungarees is absolutely perfect. I’ve tried so many pairs of dungarees recently I was starting to lose the hope I was going to find some but these New Look ones were the answer to all my denim prayers.

New Look 8 copy

If you’re as rubbish at packing for city breaks and holidays as I am then New Look’s Holiday Helper will be so useful. You tell it who you are, (girl or boy!), where you’re going and for how long and it tells you exactly how many of each item you’ll need to pack. Literally amazing! It’s part of their really cool Style on Tour Hub which is massively useful and full of loads of style inspiration.

New Look 5 copy  

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