Where To Eat In Nottingham: Annie’s Burger Shack

You know that craving you get that can only be suppressed by an absolutely massive, messy, sticky, yummy burger? Not just any old cheeseburger, a serious burger with all the toppings, a burger that basically eats you, you don’t eat it. Yep, that craving. Sometimes I get that craving and you just need an Annie’s Burger Shack. If you’re not from Nottingham, you won’t get these feels but if you ever come here, you need to indulge in an Annie’s.

There are about 30 burgers on the menu and they all have insane toppings like the Sunday Dinner, you can guess what’s on that one, the Vermonter which is topped with bacon and pancakes (!) and the Gringo, a Mexican treat which is topped with a tortilla bowl and chilli!

Annie's 1

I’ve not had a lot of the burgers on the menu, I’ve only been about 6 times but I’ve had the amazing Peppino Pizza (essentially a pizza flavoured burger and it’s everything you’d dream it to be and more), the Boston Nibbler, a delight topped with bacon, pineapple and cheese, the Malibu Surf & Turf which comes with super cute deep fried prawns on top and seafood sauce – amazing and the Hawaiian, pictured in this post. The Hawaiian was 100% not my favourite, it was fairly bland but if you’re just after cheese, pineapple, burger and gammon, it’s your boy. My favourite has to be the Peppino Pizza and every burger I’ve eaten at Annie’s has been great, if not amazing. Check it out burger lovers!

Annie's 2

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