Cameras & Cases: City Break Necessities

I headed to London this weekend to see some of my best friends, do some shopping and also attend a blogger networking event. I love a quick trip to a different city and I had the best time. Check out my Instagram with some snaps from the weekend if you fancy! I explored some new places and absolutely loved Hoxton & Hackney but definitely found that I was missing some essentials that would have made my trip a lot easier.

1. The Case

I took my JimBag as my weekend bag and it was so heavy and awkward to travel with. I fitted everything into it easily, it wasn’t a space issue but my shoulders were definitely hurting by the end of the journey. I need to invest in a really lightweight and stylish suitcase like this Bondi 2 Wheel Case. If anyone has any recommendations for super light cases then please let me know on Twitter.

2. The Camera

I took my DLSR Canon camera which is fab for photography obviously but it’s really quite heavy and cumbersome to carry around. I need to invest in a smaller, more compact camera that’s perfect for snapping away at sights, taking selfies, vlogging and the odd outfit post but isn’t too heavy and clunky.


Apparently, the best travel camera from Panasonic on the market at the moment has to be the Lumix TZ100. It’s been dubbed the “The Ultimate Travel Companion” with it’s 10x optical zoom, high-performance 1-inch sensor and 4K video capabilities all wrapped up in a stylish, pocket sized design! Has anyone given this bad boy a go? How does it compare to other compact vlogging cameras?

“With 4K all the way, Panasonic’s latest snapper is a traveller’s delight. Stuff, 5 stars, May 2016”

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