How To Move House In A Week

If you’ve kept up with me on Instagram recently you’ll probably know that we’ve upped and moved to a new home. This has been a bit of a whirlwind move because things move so quickly in the rental market we had to get in there as soon as we found a place that we liked in our perfect location. 

We sorted absolutely everything in just over a week. On a Friday we found out that we could move in the following Friday and we were completely unpacked by Saturday evening around 7pm. A lot of people that we’ve told have been surprised how quickly everything has got sorted but I think it’s simply being efficient. If people still have things in boxes after a week of moving into a new house I wonder what they’ve been doing? If decorating is involved, fair enough but if it’s a ready-to-move-in place, why waste time?

Here are five tips that I think would be helpful for anyone looking to move house in a hurry anytime soon, or anyone that needs a few tips on how to be organised. 

1. Be Ruthless

Even if you’re moving to a bigger or similar size home you need to have a sort out. Be completely ruthless with what you’re keeping. Sell things on eBay, Gumtree and at car boot sales, donate things to friends, family, and charity shops and only keep things that you really need or really love. We even got rid of random things like a colander. You can drain pasta and veg with lids or plates and many pans have draining bits attached to them now. You don’t need it! 

2. Get Up Early

There’s literally no time to lose if you want to get things done quickly. Even if it’s your day off or the weekend you’ll need to get your butt moving to get on the phone to all your utility suppliers, start packing and organising yourself. 

3. Ask For Help

Rope in your friends and family to help you move big and bulky items – 4 hands really are better than 2. Rent a van that you can drive yourself to give you more freedom to do as many runs as you like if everything won’t fit into one van. You can rent vehicles for as little as £40. Skip the removals men, they’ll just slow you down! 

4. Know Your Style

To speed things up in styling and setting out your home it’s a good idea to know how you want things to be. Even down to the cushions on your sofa and the throws on your bed! Get yourself a Pinterest board dedicated to an interior style that you like and then you’ll have something to work from once you’re in your new place. I bought the amazing lightbox in the picture from Next at Victoria Retail Park and the awesome palm print tray is from a little online homeware haven called, if you like quirky home pieces and super luxe bedding and sheets, this is the place to go!

5. Storage, Storage, Storage

Something that I found useful is to move things that are already in the storage that you want them to be in when you get there. By this, I mean specifically under-bed storage. You can fit at least 8 standard size under-bed storage boxes underneath a double bed. That’s a whole load of shoes, bags, cleaning products, bed lined, literally anything that you need to store!

Screenshot 2016-09-04 21.44.34

Disclaimer: This is us moving from a house where we didn’t need to give any notice and into a flat that was ready to move into. We are also moving a 10-minute drive away from where we used to live so there isn’t any tricky logistics involved for us. But, if you’re moving within the area you already live in and you’ve left things until the last minute, this could be a handy guide!

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