3 Simple Steps To An Elegant Shaker-Style Kitchen

Traditional, timeless and exceptionally elegant, there’s no denying the beauty and charm of a shaker-style kitchen. This decor theme is all about simplicity and practicality, combining a number of key features to create a cooking space that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. To learn how you can achieve this classic look in your home, keep reading!

1. Go For Traditional Cabinetry

To really perfect the shaker-style look in your kitchen, it’s crucial that you go for the right cabinets. Traditionally, cupboards in this type of cooking space feature framed, paneled door frontals crafted from solid wood, helping to create that much sought after classic vibe. To get your shaker look spot on, it’s also important that you pick an effective finish. Ideally, you should try to stay away from high-gloss, shiny finishes, as this is a common trait of a modern looking kitchen space. When purchasing your cupboards, make sure you go for a natural matte effect instead. Most kitchen specialists will allow you to select your chosen finish. For example, deTerra Kitchens offers to lacquer, hand paint or leave their cabinets with their natural appearance.

2. Choose Befitting Worktops

Since the worktops you go for will play an important role in helping establish the shaker look, it’s important that you think carefully when you’re choosing this element of your kitchen. In most traditional style cooking spaces, solid wooden worktops are a staple design feature. Aside from being hardwearing, timber countertops are guaranteed to perfectly complement the rest of your shaker-style decor. Wooden work surfaces can help give your cooking space a natural, authentic and truly timeless feel.

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3. Stick With A Pale Colour Palette

While it’s totally up to you to decide which colour scheme to go with throughout your kitchen, if you’re keen to keep your decor in line with the traditional shaker look, you may want to consider sticking with a pale palette. Light, muted shades, such as cream, vanilla, and ivory, are often used as a base colour in these cooking areas, with subtle additions of understated hues like duck egg blue or teal thrown into the mix. Whether you’re choosing which shade of paint to go for or you’re picking out your kitchen accessories, you shouldn’t go too far wrong if you select soft, fresh colours.

Nailing the shaker kitchen look doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you take these three design tips into consideration.

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