The #TetleySmiles Challenge

Since signing up for my British Heart Foundation Maraton in a Month I’ve been thinking more about charity and what everyone can do to help so when Tetley (yep, the tea!) contacted me and told me all about their The Tetley Smile Challenge I knew I had to share it! It’s a major new campaign to celebrate a $1 million donation by Tetley and Tata Sons to The Smile Train cleft lip charity. The aim of the Smile Challenge is to capture one million smiles to help support Smile Train, which funds life-changing surgery for children born with a cleft lip or palate.

This is basically a chance to watch funny videos at work or school and not get told off for it, you don’t have to donate, you just have to take part! Head to the site, watch the range of the funniest and heartwarming videos on the net (via your webcam!) and Tetley will calculate the number of times you smile using unique facial recognition software and your smiles will be added to a totaliser in real-time going towards their 1 million smile target. I think I racked up about 35 smiles on my go! Look out for special Smile packs on shelves now too.tetley-smile-challenge-pack

This has not been a sponsored post, I really just think it’s a great cause, I’m guessing I’ll get some tea bags though!

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