How To Scandi-ify Your Life!

If I had to choose one region to visit or style to wear or even Pinterest board to just pin to forever it would be something Scandinavian. I’m dying to visit Sweden, Denmark and Norway just to see if it’s really as awesome as Pinterest makes it look. I love the interiors, the fashion and the food looks pretty great too. I mean, IKEA meatballs are probably hardly on par with actual Swedish meatballs but I think they’re pretty good! Here are three things to focus on if you want to Scandi up your life a little bit!

1. Eat Scandi

Why not introduce a Scandi-inspired meal into your dinner plan this week? Or even try a dessert like this incredible looking Semmeltårta (Roll Cake) as a Sunday lunch addition? Scandinavia is also famous for it’s berries so you could try adding a fruit compote to your porridge or whipping up the rice pudding and cherry sauce  beauty below. Everything here is from my foodie Pinterest board if you’d like the recipes.


2. Dress Scandi

Scandi-style has massively taken over Instagram and Pinterest in the past few years and I just love the minimalism and the clean lines and the neutral colour palette. Everything is just super simple and they seem to love thick woollen fabrics, leather and denim, all in amazing quality of course. Brands like Whistles, Cos, Zara and ASOS White are great places to find Scandi-inspired pieces. All these images can be found on my Cold Weather Fashion Pinterest board.


3. Live Scandi

Love the Scandi style so much that you want to bring it into your home? Obviously, IKEA is an awesome place to start for affordable, minimalist pieces but it can also be nice to invest in some slightly more expensive and investment pieces of Scandinavian style furniture. Brands like HAY, Zara Home and can be a good place to start if you’re over IKEA and want to find some slightly more different pieces! Scandi style in the home is again all about textured fabrics, a monochrome palette, pale woods and lots and lots of plants and greenery. Check out my Interior Design & Decor board for more inspiration!


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