Why Mis-Matched Christmas Trees Rock

I’ve always thought that mismatched, crazy Christmas trees have so much more personality that perfect decorated, stuck to a colour theme trees. This post is short and sweet today but I just had to share the cutest Harrods Christmas decorations that I’ve added to my tree this year. I mean, how cute is Hugh the bear in ornament form? I’m also 100% obsessed with the sparkly tartan beauty and the purple, ivory and gold tear drop shaped bauble.


I don’t really have a particular theme on my Christmas tree. It’s mainly gold, but there’s some fluffy gold and white baubles that I picked up from H&M last year because I couldn’t resist them, a papier mache pug with a bow around it’s neck that my mum bought us last year, a glitter L & A, some gold pineapples, a neon yellow and now these Harrods beauties!

Are you a mismatched-tree type of person like me or are you a colour scheme lover?


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