Griddle & Shake Review: Nottingham

Freshly landed in Notts is Griddle & Shake, a seriously cool independent burger company which serves killer dirty burgers, heavenly shakes, chicken wings and beers all with a smile! I’ll give you the low down…

The Burgers

If you’re a burger fan but don’t fancy waiting forever for a table or coming out of a restaurant stinking like a meat-smoker then I’ve got the perfect answer! Griddle & Shake is surprisingly awesome. I say surprisingly because you don’t expect something this good to come out of a Subway-style ordering process. You choose your burger (beef, chicken, tempeh or pulled pork), bun (pretzel or brioche), cheese (American, stilton, cheddar or halloumi), side (we’ll get onto fries later) & drink and pay at the till.

You then head down to the toppings section and choose your unlimited toppings. Yep. Unlimited! We’re talking avocado, tomatoes, crunchy lettuce, pickles, onions, smoky tomato relish and the most amazing bacon marmalade amongst others. Once those decisions are over you head to pick up your drink (would massively recommend the milkshakes!) and then go and sit down. Wait about 2-3 minutes and your burger is delivered to you all wrapped up in a cute wrapper and your fries are ready to be dived into.

Let’s just talk fries for a moment. At Griddle & Shake you can pimp your fries (sweet potato or skin on, your choice) with amazing spiced salt, rosemary and garlic oil or parmesan and bacon. Hello! Cheese & bacon?!


The Price

Regular meal deals which are a burger and cheese or chicken wings with a side and a soft drink or small milkshake are £9.50 and large are £11. For a quick dinner out before the cinema or a night out, this is awesome. No waiting to be seated and waiting 20 minutes for your bill to come either because you’re already paid and good to go.The burgers are so juicy and tasty and the fries are the perfect amount of crispy. For less than a tenner? I’m serious! There’s also a lunch deal option with a burger, fries and a drink for £5.95. This is an insane price in my opinion.


The Setting

From the street, you can see loads of fast-food style seating with a few booths and loads of tables. There’s also a secret restaurant edge towards the back featuring this amazing seating area, outhouse-style booths and a tonne more tables.


The Location

Smack bang in the middle of Nottingham, right by the Lace Market tram stop! You won’t be able to miss it with its huge lights and even bigger orange cow.


The Deal

Griddle & Shake are 100% about the atmosphere, the ethos, the family-feel and the ingredients. We met the founder, Ed – a proper burger enthusiast and all round top bloke who told us all about the journey that G&S have been on to get to where they are. I’d massively recommend grabbing a bite here if you’re after something amazing whilst also being super speedy. Griddle & Shake give a whole new meaning to ‘fast food’ because what you’re getting quickly is actually really great food and that’s all down to a slick process, awesome ingredients and preparation.

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