2017 Scandi Bedroom Inspiration

If there’s an area of the home where we can really let our imaginations run wild, it’s in the bedroom. Whilst kitchens require a touch of functionalism, and living rooms usually have a television or fireplace as their focal point, our bedrooms are our most privates places, and offer us a huge chance to try some interesting design schemes. Obviously, my favourite style is minimal and Scandi! A quick check on Pinterest reveals how I’m usually drawn towards a modern and contemporary feel that has enough quirkiness and individuality to embrace some more unconventional trends. (I love Liz’s home board! Check out mine here.)

Countries like Sweden and Denmark have really pioneered the one of my favourite trends of having clean white walls that are softened up by some charming geometric prints, modernist furniture, and plenty of natural touches like plants and wood. Check out my how to Scandi up your life post here.

The great thing about this trend is that it offers enough room for manoeuvre to accommodate loads of tastes. This is perfectly illustrated by the lovely Decor8 blog who have a section about how different designs can all make use of the fresh and friendly Scandinavian look. Rather than being overly fussy, this trend always uses plenty of natural light which is a must in the gloomy days of winter. And it’s also fairly easy to implement with some basic ingredients like textured throws, thrift shop lamps, and lots of white paint!

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However, regardless of which style you choose, the bedroom’s focal point is obviously the bed. And so it’s worth spending a little time considering how this furniture will work with your overall design scheme, because although retailers like Bedstar offer beds for sale and quick delivery on all kinds of metal and wooden beds, once the bed is in your room, it can be difficult to get out! This is why I’ve been checking out how those Scandinavians implement beds into their sleeping spaces. And once again, they do a great job of cutting down any unnecessary detail, and instead concentrate on getting the basics right with classic designs that use reliable materials like wood and metal to great effect.

And because these bed retailers frequently offer next day delivery, it means that we can all spend a little more time having fun selecting our colour schemes for our bedroom design. So whether you liven things up with a bunch of flowers, or keep it on-trend with some subdued green plants, then you can have a striking bedroom that makes the most of the clean contemporary tastes.

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