Interiors: 3 Ways To Incorporate Tropical Prints

Interiors are another passion of mine, amongst style, food, fitness and eating pizza. I love decorating a new room, finding bargain homeware and pinning to my heart’s content on Pinterest. You can find my interiors board here and find my current obsessions for all things to do with tropical prints and green! I’ve teamed up with Elite Blinds today to bring you some of my favourite ways to incorporate these two trends into your home with easy and affordable options.

‘Tropical’ to me always means palm trees, the ocean and pineapples! Obviously, these might not be all suitable for your house or you might not want gigantic pineapples floating about everywhere. The key is, if you like a trend, find a way that you’d like to fit it into your home, go bold if you want to or just have tiny accents of a particular trend that makes you smile.

1. Wallpaper & Feature Walls

By adding wallpaper in a statement print you can keep the rest of the room fairly simple and you’ll still be completely nailing the trend! I love the standard green palm print but I also really like the really different dark blue paper that’s featured in my mood board and also when pops of pink are added in.

2. Actual Plants & Pineapples

You can add plants and pineapples so easily and affordably into your home just by popping to the supermarket. You can also get amazing artificial plants that look like palm leaves that can leave an everlasting impact on your interiors. These are obviously more expensive than your average pot plant but if you look after them, they last forever! I love these huge plants that I’ve featured in my mood board, but I’d be so scared of killing them. They’d definitely die if left in my house.

tropical theme

Of course, I couldn’t write this post without including some pineapple lamps, the image from my mood board is from Burkatron, one of my absolute favourite interiors/DIY blogs, how cute is her lamp from Laura Ashley? I just love it. Another cute way to incorporate pineapple and plants is to combine them with pineapple plant pots, this is really easy and plants such as succulents last a really long time without being watered, fab if you always forget like me! The cute white plants are from Kate La Vie’s blog.

3. Bed Linen & Soft Furnishings

Cushions are the perfect way to update any room with trends if you like to mix them up every season! I love this Toucan Cushion and these tropical fruit throw pillows. I’d also love 100% palm printed bed sheets, someone point me in the way of some affordable but great quality sheets and I’ll love you forever.

So, there we have it! Here are three ways to incorporate the tropical trend into your home in a number of ways. What do you think about this trend? It’s been around for a while but I think it’s definitely here to stay for a little while longer. I love the tropical-ness and I’d live in Hawaii if I could! Gimme all the pineapples…

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