Top 15 Hashtags For Travel Bloggers

I’ve started travelling a lot more within the past few years and visiting loads of new cities, both in the UK and Europe. I’ve discovered how much I love being a ‘travel blogger’ and how useful it is to other people to be able to read reviews of places and see real-life images of hotels, resorts and places to eat and drink. We always, always read numerous reviews about hotels, cafes and things to do before we hit a new city or holiday destination! I follow so many travel bloggers, I’ll do a post on my favourites soon but, if you’re a travel blogger or Instagrammer, I’ve found the best hashtags to make sure your content is seen throughout the channels and profiles that you want it to be.

Generic Travel

These are fab, all-round hashtags to use on any travel images! They’re obviously specific, I probably wouldn’t post #beautifuldestinations on a grey building in Berlin but it’s definitely relevant for a gorgeous beach in Greece. I love the #PassionPassport hashtag, I just think it’s super cute.

#WorldCaptures #BeautifulDestinations #PassionPassport #WorldPlaces #TravelAwesome #MeetTheWorld #LoveTheWorld #TravelBloggers #Tbloggers

Re-posting Opportunities

These following hashtags are all accounts that have been known to re-post your travel content so they’re great ones to include if you want your content to be shared!

#BBCTravel  #TopEuropePhoto #ForbesTravelGuide #GuardianTravelSnaps #ABMTravelBug


Also, remember to hashtag relevant things to the place where you are, for example, #Dublin or #Amsterdam or #TopLondonPhoto etc. I always look up the place names for wherever I’m about to visit, no matter how big or small the destination is! I hope these help, they’ve definitely helped me get more exposure on Instagram since I started using them.

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