Little Luxuries & Weekend Rituals

Weekend coffees and brunches at home are one of those little luxuries that I’ll never give up. I love heading out for breakfast but nothing quite beats not having to get ready before you tuck into some tasty eggs or pastries and coffee in the morning. It’s just a little bit of at-home luxury that we love to kick off our weekend with. Do you have any weekend rituals that you live by?

I love coffee, we have a Tassimo machine (I did a little review here!) but I find the Tassimo a bit of a faff now. My other half loves his Tassimo and I usually like a filter coffee or just an instant but sometimes the flavour just isn’t the same as that fancy latte from the shop. But, I want to stay at home so what to I do?

My latest coffee discovery are these Lyons coffee bags! Yep, like a tea bag. But, it’s coffee! They’re seriously cool. I’ve had them before at Centre Parcs but I hadn’t seen them since but they’re now out in supermarkets and I’m really excited! The flavour of these No3 blends is so nice, it’s not too strong but tastes so fresh.

I’m not a big coffee snob, I can’t tell whether the roast is Guatemalan or Colombian or whatever but I know what I like and these coffee bags are spot on in the taste. Not too strong, work well with some frothed up milk and a touch of sweetener!

Have you tried these magic coffee bags before? I’d massively recommend them if you love your coffee but want a cheaper and easier alternative to coffee machine coffees! You can find Lyons Coffee Bags at Tesco and loads of other supermarkets!

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