Learning to cook Thai food

Last week I headed to Thaikhun at Intu Victoria Centre in Nottingham with a bunch of some other lovely bloggers and we were treated to a Thai cooking class. I was so excited about this event, hence why I’m writing about it! I don’t usually write up a lot of events but this one was really well done and super enjoyable.

First of all we were treated to a very lovely cocktail and a catch up before we headed down to a secret cookery room where we each had our own station and saw that our ingredients were all laid out for us. We were instructed by the awesome Em, a chef from Thaikhun and he took us all the way through making some fresh prawn rolls. We then ate them on the terrace with our cocktails and they were delicious!

These fresh prawn rolls were incredible. Simply, rice paper, shredded lettuce, cucumber, coriander, mint, carrot and prawns! Chopped into three, you can check these beauties out on my Instagram. We then hurried back down to the kitchen to whip up a beautiful Thai red curry. I’ve made green and yellow at home and also Massaman but never a red so this was a first for me.

We added the Thai paste to oil, added chicken powder (like a stock cube) and then coconut milk, fish sauce, sugar and then our chicken, pineapple, lime leaves, chilli, grapes and pineapple. I absolutely love fruit in curries and this one was so delicious. I’d massively recommend the cooking classes at Thaikhun because they’re so fun. Perfect for parties, hen dos etc!

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