​Ultimate​ ​Ski​ ​Holiday​ ​Prep​ ​Guide

When we usually think ‘holiday’ a lot of us would automatically think of sandy beaches and fruity cocktails, right? Definitely. But, what if you’re a bit Greece-d out, like me? I love Europe but this year I felt a little bit unfulfilled, like I’d not really seen anything that new. It was gorgeous and relaxing and fab but I still felt a bit like I needed something new.

This got me thinking about alternative holidays that we could maybe think about for next year. We’d actually been talking about snow sports for a while and I even took the birthday boy to learn to snowboard in a day back in September so a cold trip away has always been a thought in the back of our minds. So, how would I go about planning a ski holiday? Here’s my ultimate prep guide.

The practicals

Firstly, I’ll be making a list of everything. Where shall we go? There’s Andorra, France and Italy to choose from and of course the choice whether to self-cater or stay in a hotel. I would always self cater because I love to explore where we’re staying and really get a feel for local restaurants’ cuisine and where the locals love to eat. On my hunt I found the farming village of Châtel from the 650km Portes du Soleil ski area which sounded awesome. Secondly, after flights are all sorted it’s time to sort ski hire and life passes etc and arrange all this through the resort.

Next up, how are you getting to the resort? I never want to rely on cramped coaches and be on 80 other people’s holidays so renting a car or finding my own way to where I’m heading is always top on my list. Obviously this has got to be easy because my French isn’t amazing so battling with a salesman when we get there is a no no. Enter rentalcars.com! This is a super easy app where you can easily book whatever car you fancy with ease, picking your dates, your location for pick up and finally the cute car. If you’re getting your ski hire at the resort then you don’t have to worry too much about getting a really big car or a car with a roof rack. Obviously, if you’re taking your own skis or snowboards with your then that’s more hassle with the airline and then getting a car with the space that you need. I’d massively recommend hiring there unless you’re a serious pro!

Finally, don’t forget your passports and your Euros! I always get mine through Travelex with the buy back guarantee and pick them up when I get to the airport, just for ease. Another thing that I’d always make sure I have is data roaming and a tonne of data to rinse when I’m up the mountain, hello Instagram stories! Now to make the packing checklist…

Beauty and hair

I always try to travel as light as possible when it comes to any holiday and usually pick up bulky items like suncream once I’m through security. Check out my hand luggage packing guide if you need some tips! But obviously, you can’t buy your entire makeup bag on the other side of security, as much as we’d all love to with the gorgeous beauty counters. I always decant foundation and primer into tiny pots and usually have some samples kicking around of perfume and moisturiser. On my hunt for travel-friendly beauty I spied this amazing NARS Survival Kit 1: Face from Feelunique. Obviously, you know my new found love for NARS is real from my latest beauty post. This baby has the amazing Audacious mascara, a lip gloss and a perfect kit as well as two eyeshadows and two blushers. Literally everything you need in one!

Style essentials 

As well as ski gear, obviously this has to be sassy af, you need chilling out stuff, comfy leggings and sweatshirts and a few jeans, culottes and cute tees for evening Apres Ski antics. Let’s kick off with the Apres Ski and chilling out gear because let’s face it, that’s my forte. I love the Sweaty Betty Thermodynamic Run Leggings both for chilling out in and wearing underneath salopettes so I’d take a few pairs of these! Checkerboard Vans and this Whistles Parisien Sweatshirt will be my travel outfit with some slim blue denim jeans and I’d wear my Topshop monochrome ski jacket on the plane to save space (and I get super cold on planes so it’d be perfect anyway!

For actual killer ski times, this Topshop SNO logo top is awesome and will be a great base layer. I also love this incredibly blogger-y white and black marble ski jacket (you have to get some marble in there somewhere, right?). It’d go perfectly with these simple black salopettes. Accessories that make a difference are this cute fluffy bobble hat to pop on in between helmet-wearing (both to keep cosy and to hide horrendous helmet hair!), you’d also need these amazing cute orange mittens and of course, Oakley flight deck goggles.

Top 5 ski holiday travel tips

1. Always make sure you take tote bags for dirty laundry!
2. Don’t forget dry shampoo.
3. Sun cream is your everything on a ski holiday.
4. Thermals are your second everything when it comes to snow sports.
5. Throw yourself into it and enjoy it!

Hero image source – This has been my entry to the rentalcars.com ski holiday competition!

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