6 hot Pinterest homeware trends

Browsing Pinterest for new ideas is one of the best ways (and my favourite ways) to get started when you’re planning any kind of interior makeover. From fixing up a single room to refreshing your entire home, you’ll find wonderful ideas for décor, furnishings and quirky artworks. And if you adore an upcycling challenge, Pinterest is the place to do your research. Here are just a few of the best home makeover tips to get you excited.

1. Fab fabrics

Who would have thought that in 2017, that famous luxury fabric crushed velvet would slide sweetly into your living room? Pinterest reveals lots of unexpected takes on textures and colours, and the clever images mean you can almost feel just how wonderfully soft and comfy velvet-covered sofas are. Not surprisingly, enthusiastic fans are saving pictures of velvet-covered chairs, footrests and even kitchen stools in weird and wonderful colours, including mustard, green, burnt orange and the immortal millennial pink.

2. Cool colours

Speaking of millennial pink, all the cool colours this year are hot, and that shade of dusky pastel pink, also known as blush pink, seems set to stay with us for all of 2018. Millennial pink is often teamed with copper, gold or navy. It’s definitely taking over office spaces and homes, including turning up in bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

3. Let in the light

Your home changes year-round as the seasons come and go and the amount of natural daylight brightens during spring and summer, then fades during autumn and winter. One great asset during the darker months is the magic created by California Shutters (and yes, you can get them in pink). Chuck out your curtains and get the streamlined look created by shutters in a range of colours and styles. Plantation varieties will let in as much light as you need thanks to movable slats, while solid shaker styles will help you shut out those autumn temperatures while you cosy up on your velvet sofa inside.

4. Potty palms

In a surprising development, Pinterest has gone potty about palm trees as what was once the staple greenery found in a dusty corner of the office is now appearing on wallpaper for your living room. Yes, palm leaf prints are big at the moment, and they bring a refreshing, spring-like accent to your interiors. Patterns are bold, bright and playful and are appearing on wall art, soft furnishings, shower curtains and bed linen as well as on wallpaper, inspiring you to think about spring and summer at the darker times of the year.

5. Grow your own

If you prefer the real thing, however, the current trends in houseplants will amaze you. You can still use oversized lanterns as miniature terrariums and add sisal woven baskets as chic containers for Swiss cheese plants, succulents and spiky grasses for a structural effect. Pick up a quaint, old-fashioned brass- or copper-coloured tea trolley at a car boot sale and use it as a plant stand for colourful blooms indoors. Consider placing a hanging basket near a window and letting your spider plants cascade over the rim, dropping young plants down as they go.

6. Queen of up-cycling

It has to be said that Pinterest is the queen of up-cycling due to the sheer number of beautiful, ingenious and outstandingly brilliant ideas the site displays every day. This makes it a champion of the art of reinventing and reimagining ordinary household and other objects. You’ll soon find that just one quirky idea can transform your home, giving it an edgier, innovative touch.

For example, consider a section of an old pallet transformed into a spice rack, or try converting an old wooden bread bin into a colourful corner wall cabinet. You can even repurpose an old sweater to make yourself a stylish, unique pair of slippers. All it takes is the spark of a bright idea and a little bit of imagination.

Whatever your preferred style of décor and regardless of the vintage of your home, you’ll find a wealth of information and inspirational ideas on Pinterest. Just dive in and enter a few keywords to locate great images that will encourage you to be adventurous and achieve the home interior of your dreams.

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