5 thoughts about 2017

Let’s just get into it, it’s the end of the year (but, actually how?!), and we’ve probably all got thoughts about the previous year and wishes for the year to come. I’ve definitely not thought about 2018 yet if I’m totally honest, apart from my resolution to actually use my 1 million recipe books that I have sitting on my Billy bookcase. Instead, I’ve been thinking about 2017 and what’s been going on this year. Here are 5 thoughts from yet another year that’s flown by.

You can jump ship and you won’t fail

As most of you know, I left my job of 3.5 years at UNiDAYS at the end of November to start a job at a Nottingham creative communications agency. I can’t really believe I’ve been there almost a month now, it’s gone so quickly. I was terrified that I’d not actually have a clue what I was doing because I was so in tune with UNiDAYS and knew everything so well because I basically built my job from the ground up there. But, shocker, I got the job because I know what I’m talking about and I’ve found that apart from learning obviously how another business does things, I actually know what I’m doing. The learning from this guy is that you can move on and you might be scared but you’ll definitely be fine. I’m proud of myself for making the leap because I needed some career progression so I’m really exciting for 2018 at Together.

You are worth what you think you are worth – you just need someone to realise it too

Linked to my first point, I knew that I wanted more responsibility, a promotion and more money and I believed that I was worth it. Unfortunately some people couldn’t see it even when I asked outright for it with proof that I deserved it so, I went elsewhere and someone else agreed I was worth it. So, basically, believe in yourself, girls!

You won’t lose everyone if you do jump ship

My third and final work/career based one is more about friendship. One of the main things I was terrified about was losing all my beautiful friends from UNiDAYS but, obviously, because they are my friends and I’ve seen them at least once a week since I left and we talk almost everyday on Whatsapp. I knew it would be fine but I was just so sad to leave my girls because they were like my work family. So, the learning from this one is that if you have true friends, they will still be there! (Thanks, gals.)

You can be more relaxed about food and not put on a scary amount of weight

Moving on swiftly to a totally different one but still something that’s quite a big part of my life. I’ve tracked my food for years and for probably the past few months I’ve not bothered to do it because I got really bored and had other things to think about and surprise, surprise, my clothes still fit and I’m still normal. Obviously I thought as soon as I stopped tracking stuff I’d pile on the stones and that’s not what I wanted but what I’ve learnt is that a little bit less control is good sometimes.

You are human and you can be broken

Ugh, this is a learning but it’s so shit. I’ve chucked myself around the gym for about 4 years now, lifting heavy weights, doing Crossfit, running a marathon in a month, hiking through Greek waterfalls, spin classes, personal training, all of it. Because I really enjoyed fitness. But, somewhere along the way I’ve hurt myself and I never thought it would happen to me for some weird reason. So, I’ve learnt that I need to start from the bottom and basically rehab myself back to being fit enough to lift any weight at all and I’m so bored of it. I want to hit January hard and get back into feeling great and enjoying fitness again but I’ve got to realise that I need to do it differently than any other year unfortunately. So please if you’ve got any tips about rehab after injury – let me know!

Here’s to another crazy year and hopefully we’ll all be even healthier and happier in 2018 than we were in 2017. All festive gorgeous photos by Anna from Pear & Bear Photography. I’m wearing Zara yellow crossbody bag, Comme Des Garcon red heart striped top, red New Look vinyl skirt, ASOS Adventure velvet ankle boots and my faithful F&F aviator from Tesco but this is sadly sold out. There’s a really nice similar one from Vero Moda on ASOS.

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