“Sweatpants are all that fits me right now.”

Disclaimer, before we get into this post. This is 100% a post that is only, and I mean it, only about a new sassy pair of sweatpants and a trip to Nando’s. So, if it’s a thought provoking, clickable, readable post that you’re after and you don’t want to hear about the new Nando’s pitta, leave now. I am chilling the hell out over Christmas and popping out the odd cute little post about what I’m up to and that’s about it. Of course I’m thinking about posts for the new year but I definitely don’t want to use all of my *incredible* ideas before January hits so, here’s a super simple insight into my life recently. It’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow and the last thing we all need is stress and opinions so, here’s a blog post about chicken and elasticated waistbands.

I mean, if Christmas isn’t the time that you can use that Mean Girls quote then when is? Plus, what do you do when it’s the Christmas hols and you have zero plans? Go to Nando’s for lunch, naturally! I’ve been wanting to check out the newly refurbed restaurant at Showcase Cinemas for a while because I knew they’d had a little makeover and I was dying to try the new Fino Pitta. I was in 100% chill mode on this special Nando’s visiting day so I’m rocking these awesome Tobi Always Ready Velvet Track Pants that are super duper soft and comfortable.

Ok, I know you’re dying to know about this Fino Pitta so I’m just going to tell you that it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever eaten at Nando’s and I’m not just saying that. We’re talking halloumi, caramelised onions, chicken thighs (medium heat please) and aioli. Oh, mumma! This is seriously messy and delicious and you need to try one. End of rant. A huge thanks to Nando’s for hooking us up with a chicken cheque and Tobi for sending me these incredible pants to wear.








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