My 2018 blogging goals

For 2018 I’m not really going to set myself any resolutions or anything too serious, I know I want to try and get on the property ladder this year, I know that I want to actually use my recipe books more and I know that I want to continue progressing in my career and learning but I’m pretty certain that these things will happen of their own accord! But, for my blog, this is something that, of course, I have to work on myself if I want it to grow and improve so here are a few goals, aims and objectives for 2018 and my little blog.

1. Read more blog posts 

This is a goal that isn’t even really about my blog, it’s more about other people’s blogs because I always forget to read the blogs that I love. One thing that’s actually really helped me read more posts is when bloggers add them to Swipe Ups on Instagram Stories. Do this more! I love this because I’ll literally read a post that’s caught my eye there and then. I read most posts from Instagram stories or Twitter because I’ll do it there and then as opposed to going on specific blogs and looking for new posts. I absolutely love bloggers like Laura, Hannah, Megan and of course, my babe, Robyn, so I need to make an effort to read more blog posts by my favourite girls that inspire me.

2. Have a mini redesign

I’ve wanted to change my blog to just my name for a little while and leave ‘The Friday Girl” behind because it simply doesn’t mean anything but obviously this is a little bit of hassle and needs some time to sort out. As well as changing the name I want to have a little re-jig with my theme and site as a whole and make it feel a lot more like ‘me’ because at the moment it’s pretty plain and boring and as much as I like it, it doesn’t really scream out with any personality so this is something that I want to change up in 2018.

3. Post less

It’s great to be a yes man when it comes to new experiences, friends and fun but when it comes to my blog, I probably say yes to far to many things and then get a little bit overwhelmed so, instead of posting 2-3 (sometimes even 4) times a week about random stuff, I need to post less and better. Let’s see how this goes…

4. More fashion

Fashion and style is what I love to read about. I’ve always been a shopper, I’ve always been interested (borderline obsessed) with clothes ever since I was younger so I want to basically talk more about what I love the most. Of course, lifestyle is a huge part of my blog because I want to share pieces of my life and I will always share my travel stories, recommendations and food loves but I would like the majority of my content to be fashion or style based in 2018. I’m going to continue to shoot some killer photos with my babe Anna from Pear & Bear Photography and I’m going to pester all of my work mates, friends and Luke to take photos of me in my outfits because, ya know, as stupid as it is, outfits make me happy and we all need something that makes us happy in our lives, yeah? Yes to the simple things!

Speaking of fashion, what am I wearing in this post? A killer £2 Primark ribbed beanie, my amazing F&F Clothing aviator jacket (this has sadly been sold out for months but here’s a similar one on Missguided!), these super cool Zara tuxedo trousers, an oldie but a goodie ASOS leather cross body bag (similar here), killer checkerboard Vans and finally this gorgeous green balloon sleeve jumper from New Look.

5. Work on my personal photography

I need to get better at photography and photo editing and I’m really going to try and get stuck into this this year. I am an awful student and can’t teach myself anything to save my life usually so I’m really going to try and develop my own style and learn how to properly use my camera and some little editing tricks. I know that I have plenty of talented people around me that can lend me some advice and tips so I just need to ask!

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