5 summer essentials in my beauty cupboard

Since actually getting myself a beauty cupboard in my new bathroom as opposed to just a crammed drawer of everything I have ever owned I’m feeling a bit more organised and wanted to share a few faves and a few newbies that have sneaked in.

First up my love for Magnitone continues but I also kind of hate mine right now. I bought some Soft & Gentle replacement heads and changed it up, probably should have done it months ago because now my face has exploded because it’s getting a deep clean. Ugh. I hate that I’ve broken out but I know that it’s because there was a load of crap there that needed to come out but break outs still suck. I feel like none of my products are working to really combat it either so I’m just hoping it’s a storm that will pass! I’ve spoken about this before in my ‘Why breakouts can be a good thing‘ post.

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