My 10 essential iPhone apps for blogging

I love a bit of tech and fun apps so I wanted to share some of my can’t live without apps for blogging and Instagramming with you babes. Some are old favourites and are really obvious and some are new faves that I’ve only just discovered.

1. VSCO 

VSCO is my go-to Instagram editing app. I find it the best for taking the warmth out of photos by using the temperature option and also I think their exposure setting is really nice too. I used to use C & G filters on my Instagram – I mix and match these because I cba with an actual theme because they seem to always look rubbish anyway even if I try. And, when I do try, I get stressed! So, I do use VSCO for Instagram cropping and editing and the occasional filter but I’ve got a new filters app to go on about in a little bit…

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