My 3 workwear style essentials

What does workwear mean to you? I mean, when I was little I always thought you had to either wear a uniform or a suit when you ‘got a job’ and obviously we know this isn’t true!

Workwear is only something that I’ve started to really think about now that I’ve moved to a slightly more professional office. Not gonna lie, I used to wear dungarees when I worked at UNiDAYS and it was totally normal. Now, I have a lot more client meetings and I don’t feel as productive if I’m not wearing what I class as my ‘workwear’. I feel like I’ve said ‘workwear’ way too many times now but let’s just roll with it shall we. I have three staples when it comes to getting dressed for the office and I wanted to share a little inspiration with you babes just in case you fancy a workwear wardrobe update!

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