Edelweiss Comes to The UK

I’m one of the lucky 75 bloggers that have been chosen to try out this lovely little skincare regime that’s coming over from Austria. Edelweiss is actually a flower, not just a brand name and houses some incredible hidden cosmetic powers. It naturally protects against the sun’s harmful rays and is packed full of antioxidants. It can also help with ageing, sagging and rebuilds collagen! Clever little plant huh?

Anyway the two products that I’m reviewing today are the Milky Cleansing product and the 24H Essence Cream. They both smell beautiful and feel really soft on the skin. I’ve actually replaced my normal night cream with this one and sometimes use a tiny bit in with my day cream as I’ve found it’s so moisturising and I’ve had a few dry patches recently! So, it definitely works in terms of cleansing and moisturising, they’re lovely products and have made my skin feel really soft! I’d definitely purchase the 24H Essence Cream as a night cream.

 photo IMG_6587_zpsd7eb736b.jpg

 photo IMG_6589_zpse1936fd6.jpg

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