First Home Wishlist

So, our new house is all you’ll hear me talking about at the moment but sorry, not sorry! So exciting. Anyway, a new house wouldn’t be complete without a little wish list would it? I’m dying to get a DAB digital radio, preferably a beautiful retro/vintage looking one like the Roberts radios in the pretty pastel colours. Next up, pretty plates are always a must for when people come over for tea of course and these Cath Kidston ones¬†are just perfectly pretty. I’ve also got some CK towels in the mix there, I’m loving polka dots at the moment. On the china/crockery note, Luke needs an L mug because I’ve got an A one and it’s my favourite!

Homewares Wishlist

Palm trees, plants and greenery are also on my radar at the moment, I really want some pretty house plants because I think they look really fresh and light in a home. Connected to this is some fab Marks & Spencer sheets that we loved on first sight! Last but not least is a little Ikea table on wheels that we already have one of which is great for bedside table things! We totally need everything here so donation to the house of Allie & Luke are more than welcome!

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