Healthy Heart Shaped Victoria Sponge Cake

This crazy heart shaped cake mould is one of my favourite pieces of kitchenalia at the moment. It’s silicone and bendy and easy to clean, bright red and when you cut your cake, it’s heart shaped! What else could you want?

I made a ‘healthy’ Victora sponge the other day, topped with strawberries and fromage frais! It wasn’t the best cake so I’m not going to give our the recipe, I’m sure Google can help you out there! I just wanted to share how cute this little cake mould is, it’s fab.

 photo IMG_6688_zps32e79ca2.jpg
 photo IMG_6692_zps85f86e66.jpg

 photo IMG_6701_zps7101ca7b.jpg

 photo IMG_6702_zps50db82de.jpg

Heart Shaped Cake Mould – Mustard Gifts £15.00*



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